02 February 2008

…not another Scrapbooking magazine

With some trends, I’m a late adopter. But when something piques my interest, then I’m all over it like a rash. Like scrapbooking.

I’ve been into cardmaking for years, but imagine my surprise at discovering the mouthwatering designs that paper and embellishment companies have come up with. Lincraft was my second home for a while. Then I discovered photoshop. Beginners like me can have a field day/week/month trawling the www in search of tips and tricks.

As usual, US sites and magazines seem to have the best ideas and elegant designs. So far, I like creating keepsakes, simple scrapbooks and hero arts. Any others? I’m sure there’ll be another new magazine at the newsagents next week.

This is my first scrapbook page, before realising that digital was the way to go (for me at least)...

Of course it has to be of a cake! Macaron Marie - c'est magnifique!

01 February 2008

… what I made

I’ve wanted to do a cupcake decorating class ever since reading about it at lemonpi. So, after booking months in advance, I rolled up last week (together with 9 other ladies) to the Planet Cake course.
The lovely Amanda and Anna Maria showed us the intricacies of cutting icing and creating cute kids’ cupcakes that grownups would have no problem devouring as well. You have to work fast, though, and not just because the icing can harden before you finish with it – if you fall behind, you’ll miss out the details on the next cupcake design to be worked on.

My report card says that I am a bit slow at the decorating (it comes with practice), but I am very proficient at ganaching. Can I live with that? Sure.

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