10 June 2009

Donna Hay, Paddington and a giant Cake

I am an unabashed fan of Donna Hay, so I was excited to read of the opening of the donna hay General Store (40 Holdsworth St, Woollahra). It's inside a cute corner shop a little way off the main Queen St drag, and it has a spotless, whitewashed look about it. And no photos (I asked, and they said there were photos on the dh website!??!).

There are a quite a few sales assistants in their brown aprons, and at the back of the store is a small stainless steel kitchen that sells macarons. The store is filled with lots of gorgeous stuff - glassware, soaps, candies, kitchenware and accessories. The Belle Fleur candles on the 1st floor are absolutely divine. I bought some cupcake papers, with a colourful polka-dotted design:

Afterwards, a walk down Oxford St brought us to a new/reconditioned area next to Paddington Town Hall, Paddington Reservoir Reserve. The old reservoir has been spruced up and is now a lovely spot to sit in the afternoon sun and chill and observe the passing traffic.

Further along Oxford St and the window of Sweet Art cake shop had this in it - yes, it's a decorated cake, and it must have been about 40cm (15 inches) high!

I'll leave you with some of the macarons I got from the Donna Hay store. I will let you know what flavours they are later - pay attention, there will be a Test.
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