03 November 2010

Hello Dora! Big sister owl

 Here's another Craft Schmaft owl for my owl family - her name is Dora.

She's a lovely big sister to little Jet and she happily and efficiently looks after the nest (or barn or roof or wherever these owls live) when Mother off at work.

Since I've started 'sewing', I've been on the lookout for appropriate accoutrements:
The local weekend trash-n-treasure markets are an unexpected source of old sewing needles and embroidery thread.  I love (and miss) that the needle and cottons are 'made in England'.
One thing I do want, though, is some decent woolly felt. The felt that I've been using on the owl wings is too thin - some old-fashioned post-war fabric is what I need!

Hello Dora!

And be good, Jet...
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