26 October 2010

Boo! The Vampire Owl

Boo! flies around at dusk on Halloween
Looking for small children to spook, he's so keen.
But be careful, Boo! 'cos Tabitha cat is on the prowl
Watch your back, you little vampire owl!

Say 'Hi' to Boo! the Vampire Owl!
Just in time for Halloween, this cutie owl has a black cape with a silver racing stripe. All the better for swooping down on unsuspecting little children .... eeeeeeek!!!!

Happy Halloween from Boo! and Tabitha

20 October 2010

Woohoo! Hello Toot Jet - junior sock owl

 Recently, I read about Claire Waring, a clever mother, craft blogger and soft toy designer.  She is the one who came up with the idea of turning socks into toys.  Not your old-fashioned sock monkeys, but a modern, delightful range of giraffes, monsters, dogs and owls.  Her company is called Craft Schmaft.

I sent away for a kit with pattern, and in less than an hour, I had created my first sock owl!
Here is Toot Jet, a junior (and founding) member of the Ooh, Look owl parliament.
Hello Toot Jet. More of the owl parliament will be flying in soon.
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