07 April 2010

I'm just a Show girl

Call me old-fashioned, but I love the Royal Easter Show (Sydney).

I love how it's the same every year. I love the district fruit displays, the fruit cakes, the scones, the jams, the paintings and art works.
I love the dagwood dogs and corn-on-a-stick and over-priced chips. I love the crowds of happy families (to some extent). I love Sideshow Alley, the rides and the Showbag pavilion.

Most of all, I like taking photos of everything!
I only bought 2 showbags this year: the Twisties bag, and the Red Rock Deli bag. Both good value ($4 and $6 resp.)

The Power Surge ride looked unreal.  Note that I said 'looked' - I'm not silly enough to go on it, especially after lunch.
Other showgoers didn't have any such qualms.

It's not a Show without the creepy, open-mouthed clowns, or games where 'every child wins a prize'. PS: Can you spot me in the above picture?

Lunch consisted of a plate of Twisted fries smothered with cheese and salt.  See the amazed kid passing by.

We missed seeing Robosaurus in action, but it looked massive as it was towed back to its enclosure. That's a small pony (or a giant man).  I am pleased to report that I did not encounter any farm animals this year except for these pretty chickens and an inflatable cow.

As usual, the district fruit displays were impressive, especially Northern District's 'Dawn of Agriculture' display, complete with a mummy in a casket.

Fruit cakes chock full of fruit.  And delicious lamingtons.

The decorated cakes were amazing this year.

None more so than this Alice in Wonderland 'mad hatter'-style cake. It's by Anna Maria Roche, who was an instructor at the Planet Cake cupcake class I did a few years ago.

Even though I deliberately avoided the cattle, sheep and goats, I could not leave the Show without checking out the dogs and cats.  The cat judging was on and this magnificent white (ragdoll?) cat with one blue eye and one green eye won a few ribbons.
At the dog pavilion, the samoyeds were fluffy, the Cavalier King Charles spaniels were cute, and this blue-shirted famishus spectaclii (juvenile) got lots of attention.

It was a fun day, with quite a bit of walking around.  I can't wait for next year's.
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