26 October 2010

Boo! The Vampire Owl

Boo! flies around at dusk on Halloween
Looking for small children to spook, he's so keen.
But be careful, Boo! 'cos Tabitha cat is on the prowl
Watch your back, you little vampire owl!

Say 'Hi' to Boo! the Vampire Owl!
Just in time for Halloween, this cutie owl has a black cape with a silver racing stripe. All the better for swooping down on unsuspecting little children .... eeeeeeek!!!!

Happy Halloween from Boo! and Tabitha

1 comment:

  1. Oh my Gosh, I'm so scared of vampire owls. No really. After my mother allowed me to see way too many vampire movies at a very young age, I slept with a sheet wrapped around my neck for quite a while;)
    This is cute, Bel. I really need to spend more time learning how to knit and just make nice things. I used to love doing stuff like that when I was a teenager....


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