14 April 2012

Royal Easter Show 2012 - a Sydney tradition

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is reassuringly the same every year.
The only thing that may change is the price of entry (transport plus show entry via Showlink was $32 this year), the showbags available for sale and the novelties you can win in sideshow alley (Angry Birds and Muppets were popular).

I went to the Show in 2012 and these are my pictures.
Read on and marvel at the colour and spectacle.
Or click and play 'spot the difference' with Easter Show visits from 2010 and 2009, here and here.

Starting the kiddies early on the not-so-scary rides.

Looks like fun!

This year, we had gourmet sausages in a roll, aka hot dogs. My bratwurst was bland, the kransky in a roll (with onions, extra 50 cents) was better.
Cafe Grande flavour ice cream from Connoisseur was sensational.
Warm sunny weather calls for a Frozen Coke - love it!

BMX riders getting some air.
Horses being judged. See the unusual zigzag markings on the chestnut horse.

As usual, the cake decorating was spectacular, including Pippi Longstocking.
The district display was super-crowded. Love the Western District fruit and veg arrangement.

The woodchopping arena looks like a Quidditch stadium.
A burly New Zealander won this heat of the woodchop.
Q: How much wood does a wood chopper chop if a wood chopper does chop wood?
A: One small log

Had to visit the cat pavilion to see some judging (I think this white cat is a Maine Coon).
The Hello Kitty breed is slowly infiltrating the event.

Clowns usually give me the heebee jeebies, but these are okay.

Keep your arms inside the carriage!

It was a long day.
But I wouldn't miss the Easter Show for quids.
See you next year!

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